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Hiring of vehicle to Shimoga and Sagar sub divisions by Divisional Engineer, Transmission Maintenance, Shimoga.  NIT NO.S7(A)/ DE TM SMO/ tender Vehicle/2007-08/ dtd 11.01.2008  Sri N. Vishwakumar ?.. Shimoga Sub Division Vehicle and Sri Mahendra Kumar, Sagar ?.. Sagar Sub Division vehicle 
Providing Hiring of service of Temporary nature at OFC Stations / Offices in Trichy Long Distance Division..  NIT NO.NIT-WEB- 07/TENDER/HIRING SERVICE/2007-08/1 dt at TR-1 the 05-11-07  Sri Balaji Agency,41/A Karur By Pass Road, JB Tower F3 A Block Melacghinthamani, Trichy-620 002. 
For upkeep of OFC Stations/ Cable route/office under DE, TM, Shimoga Division  NIT No.S7(B)/DE TM SMO/Tender Service/08-09/1 dtd 16.07.08  Sri M.K.Belawadi Contractors, Hubli 
For hiring of Three (3) TATA SUMO vehicles for 1800 Kms/Month for the use under DE Transmission Mtce., Dn, Chikmagalur  NIT No.DE/TM-CKG/V-4 (a)/2008-2009/04 Dtd 12/06/08  M/s. United Travels, Gundappa Street, Chikmagalur ?.. 577 101 
For providing House Keeping Services under the jurisdiction of DETM Karwar  1)NIT No. T5/DETM/KWR//TENDER/HKL/08-09 Dated at Karwar the 14-07-2008  1). M.K. Belwadi ,Contractor Hubli 2) Limra Detective and Security Agency, Hubli The total quantum of work is distributed equally between the two Tenderers. 
For Hiring of Services of Temporary nature of upkeep of OFC Stations/Offices/OFC Routes under the jurisdiction of DE, TM, STSR, Bidar  Tender Vol.II/DETM/BDR/2008-09/04 Dated 13-08-2008.  1.M.K. Belwadi, Hubli-24. 2.M/s Limra Detective& Security Agency, Hubli-23 3.M/s Sainath Security Force,Bijapur ?.. 586 101 
For providing of upkeep Services of OFC Stns/Offices/Cable /Routes under DE TM HubliDivision  NIT No DE/TM/HBL/TEND-UPKEEP SERVICES /08-09 Dated 16.07.2008.  1)Limra Detective Agency, Hubli.2) Shridhar Detective &Security Agency, Hubli.3)Sri.M.K.Belwadi, Hubli.(equal distribution) 
For hiring of Vehicles toDE TM Hubli Division  NIT No DE/TM/HBL/Tender Vehicle/2008-09/2Dated @ Hubli 16.09.2008.  1) Santosh.R.Harapanahalli at Hubli 2) Basavaraj.M.Harapanahalli at Haveri 
For Hiring of Vehicle to Shimoga Sub Division & Sagar Sub Division  DGMM/STSR-HBL/Vehicle Tender/SMO/Divn/08-09/9 dtd 24.03.09 & DGMM/STSR-HBL/Vehicle Tender/ Shimoga Dn/08-09/06 dtd 18.03.09  Sri N. Vishwakumar -shimoga subdivision, Sri Mahendra Kumar sagar subdivision 
10  For Providing unskilled work to Shimoga TM Division   NIT NO.DE/STR/SMO/TENDER/UPKEEP/2011-12/1 DTD 25.04.11  Sri M.K.Belawadi Contractors, Hubli